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Election officials made a conscious and express policy decision not to follow the legal procedure for the opening, counting and recording of absentee ballots. Thus Mr. Biden materially benefited from the unconstitutional changes to Michigan’s election law.

71% of Detroit Absent Voter Counting Boards were unbalanced-number of people who checked in did not match number of ballots cast.

And Republican Board members were severely harassed, including threats of violence. Why was this tolerated? Complicity from top to bottom.

Good morning!! Busy day yesterday!

Failed policies of allowing criminals to run over law abiding citizens without consequence is inexcusable.

Public officials charged with protection of the public safety have violated their oath of office.

Where is even one public official defending those without a voice? They don’t care about our inner cities, our children, schools or public health. If they did they would stop giving people a pass for every bad behavior on the planet and call it what it is. It’s Criminal behavior being committed by criminals with no excuse. They enable them to stand with their get out of jail free card without accountability to commit more crimes.

Sobering when you realize that this is how the globalist power-brokers think. Are they even capable of making ANY decision for our families? No. This is the mindset of communist-Marxist-globalists (whatever label you want to slap on their abusive behavior.) Communists have killed over 100million people with their sick love of money and power. It’s time for absolute non-compliance. It doesn’t end until we refuse to submit.
I’ve been doing a lot of speaking. Yesterday I was at a wonderful company, where the owner has made a commitment to educate his workers. I spoke on State’s Rights and the Constitution. There are some easy ways to right this state. We just have to have non-politicians in place who are willing to defend the people of Michigan.

It’s important to recognize the real threat to our country. Economic warfare to break this nation has always been the goal. Progressives/communists/Marxists -pick a label it’s all the same. They were planning for the United States what they did in Venezuela. Coincidentally Dominion machines were used there too before the destruction of that beautiful country. Run away inflation, unbridled crime, no defense for innocent people, destruction of freedom, being at their sick mercy is their goal.


So, in essence, this Obama appointed judge decided that we have no rights to question election integrity? Very disturbing when judges are shutting down the act of asking questions - when facts aren’t adding up. Also threw out over 100 affidavits just because they didn’t agree with the agenda? Seems like a gross violation of the First Amendment. This judge had to swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution…violation of the oath of office?
Follow the money … tells you all you need to know. This was always about economic warfare. I think we need a President Trump style EO-all assets of those involved in crimes against humanity forfeit all profits.

Governor Ron DeSantis understands State’s Rights and how to combat the federal over-reach.

Consider the clear language of the 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Let’s go one step further… what Rights are designated by the Constitution for the Federal Government?

The power to coin money, to regulate commerce, to declare war, to raise and maintain armed forces, and to establish a Post Office.

There is a huge problem here. And this is just the beginning. This is about big government taking away individual rights and “granting privileges” for good behavior. Accepting a privilege…is not the same as having freedom. Freedom isn’t coerced. “You do this and we grant you the ability to do that.” Sounds like getting tossed a dog treat for obedience.

When an entity gives privileges… they can at anytime change the rules of the game and deny all access if we step out of line…


Well said! The question to ask is what is the motive, payoff, or incentive for those involved with the election fraud? Follow the money, there is always a pay off for criminal behavior.

And just to be clear…President Donald J Trump is the rightful President of the United States of America

Psychopaths don’t change…they just put on new masks of concern while walking the sheep to slaughter. Refuse to submit to their emotional coercion!! They are lying…