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Forwarded from We The Media (𝑀𝑒𝓁𝒾𝓈𝓈𝒶)
The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee on Monday filed suit against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and others for allowing federal Veterans Affairs and Small Business Administration sites to be used for voter registration efforts.

In papers filed in federal court in Michigan, the campaign and the RNC contend Whitmer and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson exceeded their authority when they struck agreements to use the VA and SBA offices as "voter registration agencies," or VRAs.
Patterns = exposure

Symbolism will be their downfall

Better prepare for the world to change…truth is coming fast and hard.

Remember it will be very hard to watch their heroes be unmasked.

God said have no idols before me…

Something is wrong….

I’ve said this for a while…it doesn’t look like we have seen President Trump for a long time. …

question everything. Bad things have happen to good people.

President Trump is 6’ 3” or 4”
Depending on which source you believe.

Tucker 6'1
Byron 6'2
Trump 6'3,
JD 5' 7
Johnson 5'11

That CAN’T be President Trump…who is it?????

President Trump…6’3”
JD Vance 5’7”

Not possible that this is the real President Trump.

Who is it???? And what happened to President Trump the rightful President of the United States!!!!

There is something really strange going on here…

We all want truth … regardless where it leads.

We have all been mislead..
Lied to…

We are going to have to face some hard truths…

But in the end … God wins and THE truth sets us free.

I don’t know why I feel it…but something big is brewing. The landing is going to be bumpy…but we will start a new journey together…as friends and family … they way God intended it.

Love wins…
God wins…

Have faith in God alone…adventure is in the doorstep!

Thank you Heavenly Father for everything You are doing for us…leading us out of captivity from evil … like You always have. You are always good and faithful. Thank You for carrying us and protecting us when the storms of life rage. We trust You and pray for Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

In Jesus our Savior’s precious Name we pray

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Why was the shooter in a BlackRock commercial.

Inside job…not the secret service’s fault

.The Real President Trump wouldn’t have picked this guy.

He reeks of deep state!!! The who’s who of what’s wrong with America in Vance’s “Rolodex”

Where is the real President Trump???!?

I’m not buying what the narrative is…but if you look for patterns and clues the good guys are working… exposure…leads to public awakening…

Leads to truth … we have to get to truth whatever the cost. What if President Trump is being used by some bad people? We have seen lots of fund raising and he has nothing to do with it.

I hope he is safe…in Cheyenne Mountain maybe…

President Trump’s endorsements have been awful…

Only 2 options as to way…

I believe he is directing our attention and teaching us to think independent of endorsements and psyops by the deep state to follow their lead…refusing to install people who play ball with the global crime syndicate.

Question everything… the plot isn’t done yet…

Interesting… I just heard another speaker for Michigan say that the RNC convention is a huge commercial for President Trump…

While I absolutely support President Trump…that is a huge revelation that the system is broken.

I do believe that President Trump is the people’s choice…with that said… the job of political parties is to REPRESENT the people not create a huge commercial for a candidate.

Well meaning people … a little off base.

Vivek came to speak at the Michigan Republican breakfast.

Great speaker!

Gotta point out procedural errors…

A Bush era tax guy got up and spoke…the party sold him as the Trump of the Bush era. He is considered a king maker.

But I listened to his tax proposal to get to a zero tax rate… incremental lowering of taxes.

But is breaking the law justified? No matter where they lower taxes… the overall rate goes up.

Breaking the law as laid out by the Constitution is still breaking the law…

The whole system is filthy and broken…

Pretty sure there are a few people not happy with this post… but it was advocating breaking the law…

I’m so sorry if I offended anyone!!!! But I have faithfully supported President Trump…

I plan to fight for him and make sure the 2020 election is righted because he has been cheated out of his rightful seat!!!!

They have been trying to stop him every step of the way and I absolutely want to know that my President is ok…will win 2024 and there is no further threat or harm to come to him!!!!!

Our country has had a traumatic event as we watched threat to our President.

I just am telling what everyone is thinking. We want all questions answered…we want answers … we want an investigation … we want to know that everything possible is being done to protect President Trump!!!!!!

Good morning!!!

How precious is knowing the truth in all situations to you?

I don’t care what situation we are in… we MUST follow God and proclaim truth…

When the Covid shot was being pushed… we tried to warn everyone.

When those of us saw the lockdowns and shouted a warning that our rights were being taken away… we tried to warn everyone.

Logic…evaluation…and the guts to not follow the narrative is imperative for our survival … as a nation…as humanity…as children of God.

Question everything

“FLASH TRAFFIC: From inside the White House . . .  Sources (multiple) saying Biden to Resign from Presidency this weekend.  Speech said to be "already written"
According to these sources, Biden WILL NOT endorse Kamala Harris for President.
Decision was allegedly reached today because of high level pressure from Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats, and numerous Democrat Party Donors who are refusing to give money until Biden leaves.
Reports also say Democratic National Convention will be an "open convention" to nominate anyone.

Now being told  Biden will WITHDRAW from the campaign, and NOT resign from the Presidency.”

What a great end to the Convention!!!

I will go back and post photos and interviews…

The RNC did a great job putting on a very entertaining and informational convention…there was a lot of excitement in the air.

The focus was on “Everyday Americans” stepping up to the call…that we can do anything when we stick together … get past our differences and work together in the service of God, Family and Country!

Time to say goodbye for now…we have a lot of work ahead of us…all of us pulling together.

It is really sad when anyone celebrates pain, suffering and loss of any other person…and really sick when anyone finds joy when there is a murder or attempted murder…

Pray…this is spiritual bankruptcy

Forwarded from Justin Deschamps
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Look at this. It's already the stuff of legend.

Like I said. This is what legends are born of. Children in Uganda recreate the assassination attempt on President Trump.