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Watch all these posts through the lens of … “observe!!!”

Stay apprised…

Question everything….

The Rightful President of the United States!!! President Donald J Trump!!

Unlike Biden who runs like a coward or makes matters worse.

Biden who bombed Syria on his fake Inauguration Day…another act of war!

If America takes any hits…either on American soil or overseas… 100% of the fault lies with …the Biden Administration. President Trump had this country going in the right direction…

Zero wars!!!!!

FJB…let’s see if he botches this like he did Afghanistan…pattern of ineptitude.

Forwarded from Lara Logan 
Christians in Lebanon are once again under attack. I have been speaking to people on the ground. Following the brutal murder of two major Christian figures, tensions are mounting. Pray for the people of Lebanon.

My analysis: the people behind the October 7th massacre in Israel, (Iran, Hezbolllah, Hamas & their backers), said from the start that they wanted a wider war, They were determined to make it happen. And now it appears they may have what they wanted.

The Middle East is heating up rapidly. Be prepared for anything - make sure you hope for the best but plan for the worst.

The Biden Administration is funding Iran through taking sanctions off the Iranians…who now net $3 billion dollars a month…$36 billion dollars a year…that the Iranians can spend on Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis…and cranking up their nuclear weapons program.

The Biden Administration is giving them the money to develop a nuclear weapon.

The Biden Administration has handed Iran over $100 billion dollars and Iran is using it to directly weaponize terrorism against Israel and the United States.

Headlines in fake news are misleading…question everything…

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Milton William Cooper…eliminated(murdered) for warning on the goals of a one world government.

Their plans are failing and have failed…

The key is no fear…don’t ever bow a knee to manipulation and engineered prison of the mind over circumstances which may or may not be true.

Stand for God, Family and Country with a cool head trusting in God…He is always good.

We win when we practice, courage, bravery, non-compliance to mental warfare…with no fear and a mind that questions their engineered reality.

Peace through strength, integrity, service God and his children…all his children…not motivated by cowardice and capitulation…defend the innocent…not take sides because the corrupt governments are working together to push THEIR narrative of total domination…power and greed.

If you know who is in control…fear disappears.

Lots of questions…observing…
I’m guessing that several things were happening “in the most extensive drone attack in history”…

1. Blowing up ammo that the world will no longer need…small missiles…drones etc..

2. Testing anti-ballistic technology over Israel

3. Exposure exposure exposure

Please Tell me that nobody bought the “missile fuselages” lying on the ground…🧐 like they do 😳🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

The technology we have so out performs anything we saw yesterday that there are all sorts of questions to ask …

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No broadcast today! Have a great day!!

We will see you tomorrow!!!

Something to remember!!

We are on God’s timeline…research…observe…Think bigger…trust God … it is his plan. No fear!!!!

What needs to be understood to appreciate whats going here is the fact the Q is basically creating a circular flow diagram that can be referenced and cross-checked with news releases. Q can’t just disclose specifics about a situation or operation without violating security protocol. Instead they drop questions and statements that lead to answers that can be understood once the subject becomes public. This provides the validation necessary for the public to believe The Great Awakening is legit. Disinformation and misdirection with Q is real. In other words Q is pointing over there but really the focus is here and only until you publicly get the news can you go back and understand. (Think SA drops) All of this is accomplished without giving up specific details about the operation. It’s quite genius.

Got it! Unwavering!!!
Absolute Genius!!! ❤️

Been laughing all day…

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Evidence of the fact that Telegram censors.

Any and all centralized systems … censor.

You have to go to multiple sources for confirmation on any information…and knowing the background history of the issue is helpful.

This Week’s Schedule

9am Liberty Essentials
Bill Mohr
Karen the Riveter & Ralph the IT Guy
10am Mike Bambas

United Sovereign Americans - Marly Hornik
Texas Score Card - Sheila Coombes

Off the Grid First Aid - Dr David Kent