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Let’s see what Q says regarding President Trump possibility of arrest.

Karen the Riveter had baby bunnies born during the broadcast this morning!!! Let’s see how many mama has today!!

We have at least 8 new kits, I think, in one of our rabbit nest boxes this morning, born while I was busy with Donna & Ken on BNN. 😁

It's too cold to open that to light for a photo & I don't want to stress out a new momma with her first litter. I'd like to see her pull more fur today or give them more hay, but they should be okay. I'll check again later.

In the meantime, this is a photo of newborn "Paddy" from a few years ago. He was born on St Patrick's Day but was a sole survivor of the cold because his momma didn't get the kits all in the nest box and together. I checked them in time to try to save them, but he was the only one who made it. So I did most of the raising for the first few weeks (just brought him out for her to nurse). We named hi. "Paddy" because it would be weeks before we could tell if he was a boy or a girl!

I'll share lots of cute photos of that time, but keep in mind that he didn't make it to another St Patrick's Day holiday. He went to "freezer camp", the jerk. 😄😳 🐰 🐇
This is "Wide Load" Oreo, with my hand over her pelvis to give you all an idea of her size.

Goat people say, "left=lunch", meaning that her left side being large is "normal" for a goat with a belly full of hay, etc which requires lots of work (and gut) to digest. She started looking broader after being bred. I won't guess at how many kids she will have, but goats can deliver between one and five. Twins are common. 🐐 🐐
This is Paddy when he was full grown. Yeah, I did a little editing, but not on him. 😄 He was a big boy.
Forwarded from Pepe Deluxe (Pepe Deluxe)
March 20, 2023 - National Today.
An attack on the Constitution… under the guise of “We care about your safety.”

Banning firearms is only about leaving “We the People” without defense to tyranny and oppression.

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BNN (Brandenburg News Network)
Taking a break today!!! Redeeming Grace Church back next week Wednesday.

Weekdays at 9am!!



Traitor Whitmer…
Traitor Nessel…
Traitor Benson…
Traitors … every single member of our legislature who had no guts to stop this!!!!
Traitors every judge who was funded by Soros and refused to stand!!!!
Traitors in local government who should have shut this down…

MI-funded battery maker mandates allegiance to ‘Constitution of the Communist Party of China,’ company bylaws say
Corporate rule to ‘Strengthen the construction of (CCP) organization and Party members at the grass-roots level of the Company’

Hope the 30 pieces of silver was worth it…

Glad to see the MiGOP has gotten some backbone under the leadership of Kristina Karamo!!!

In your face establishment Communo-fascists!!!

Big respect for Karamo whom the old guard is actively trying to sabotage …

Or disinformation to achieve a goal…

Anons and Digital soldiers know…

💥 SUMMARY 💥 "Wade in the Water".

Another version of the live performance linked to below came on the radio last Sunday on our way to church, and I've enjoyed it ever since. I have looked into the origins of the song before sharing with you. I've heard it before in more soulful renditions, but wondered if my interpretations of its origins and use are correct. Let's check it out, becauseI think it can help us get through today...

The 👆above link's author does a pretty good job of explaining her own research, if you want to read all that. I was right: it was used by American slaves, to inspire and even to "educate" them for an escape journey (think Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad). There was a belief that wading into creeks or rivers would help hide their scent from the trailing dogs sent to find them.

Hint: it's a myth which doesn't work. Water holds scent, and dogs can use it--even tasting the water for scent (I've seen it happen), and indicate their direction of travel. But it may have helped hide tracks and cause delays, so I can’t blame them for trying! 💪

Crossing the Jordan River in Deut 30 and the following in John 5:4 are references to the "God troubling the water" aspect of the song. The latter (KJV): "For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had."

Water is mentioned often in the Bible as a tool or pathway for spiritual and physical cleansing and deliverance. God uses it for our benefit. So when your "waters" of life are "troubled", see it as a blessing and a joy, because God is with you in those times.

Noah Webster's "trouble": 1. To agitate; to disturb; to put into confused motion [He also used the above verse!]. 2. To disturb; to perplex. 3. To afflict; to grieve; to distress. 4. To busy; to cause to be much engaged or anxious. 5. To tease; to vex; to molest...

James 1:2 "My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;"

Joy: 1. The passion or emotion excited by the acquisition or expectation of good...

From the article: "God is going to trouble the water, and you may be uncomfortable, but it's ultimately what will make you a better person on the other side.... Stirred or troubled waters may shake up your faith, but God calls us to wade in the water and go through the troubling with faith in Him in order to get to the other side, the Promise Land."

In this song, God troubles the water, but not for you--he causes confusion and distress in the enemy. Your path can be considered dry and safe ground, as the path of the Israelites was when pursued by the Egyptians across the sea in Exodus 14.

So wade into the water, without fear! God's a-gonna trouble the waaaaaterrrrrrr. Mmm, mmm, mmm. The more soulful renditions bring a sense of sadness that we even need to think of such hard times, historically or in the present. But the version I shared above has a more joyful rhythm I appreciate, too. God's going to carry us through to the other side, if we have faith in Him. So when the waters around you start to look troubled, smile and be grateful. 💪😊
Live your best you!!!

You are the answer and the best part of America!!!