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The official channel for Donna Brandenburg, who is running for the office of Michigan Governor
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We will start the broadcast of the hearing as soon as it begins… delays will be waiting on the court to start

Well I was kicked out of the hearing first! First to go… then they removed everyone else who was there to witness the proceedings…

More to come…

Tennessee just violated parent’s rights to their children. The State proved their MO is to treat children as property of the state.

Go get’m

Ivan Raiklin

The Deep State Marauder
Secretary of Retribution!!

Forwarded from BioClandestine (BioClandestine)
Wow… 👀

The ICC issued arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Gallant, as well as Hamas leadership, for various war crimes and crimes against humanity.

However, keep in mind the ICC’s “authority” is largely ignored.
Let the bot party begin!!!

When you are over the target the bot attacks start!

Forwarded from Peter Bernegger
Dominion Voting Systems Co. office building. Address: Rankeova 19, Beograd 11000, Belgrade, Serbia. Photo of their office, and they official govt. license document, which I obtained directly from the Serbian Government. This is where they program the voting machines used in the USA. Programming is also done in their Toronto, Canadian office, and motherboard programming takes place in China. This is all completely illegal - violating federal FISMA for one. Also, it is unlawful to have critical infrastructure run, controlled, and accessed by foreigners. And our US Congressmen and US Senators do nothing even when it is now proven that 100% of Dominion employees in Serbia and Canada are accessing our voting machines while the machines are sitting in election clerks' offices.

~ Peter Bernegger