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Donna Brandenburg for Michigan Governor<\/span><\/a><\/div>\n\n\n\n
This is what the thug cops did to Tina Peters\u2026Unbelievable\u2026if cops can\u2019t determine what a real threat is\u2026using abuse and intimidation against leaders and candidates\u2026they are either knowingly\/complicit communist infiltrators or gross negligence. Too complicit\/incompetent to arrest repeat offenders who rape or murder\u2026drug traffic or human traffic\u2026or go after Satanists who preform rituals on children\u2026But they have time to harass Tina Peters\u2026arrested her\u2026She\u2019s not what I would call a huge physical threat to merit this treatment\u2026@Brandenburg4Mi<\/a>Brandenburgforgovernor.com<\/a>#BrandenburgForGovernor<\/a> #Donna4Mi<\/a> #AmericaFirst<\/a> #MichiganFirst<\/a> #Michigan<\/a> #ImWithDonna<\/a> #StandingWithDonna<\/a><\/div>\n\n