America First – Michigan First

We have been given a great blessing to live in the greatest country in the world — The United States of America.

Michigan, with all its natural beauty, natural resources, and generous hospitable people is a land of strength, prosperity, and opportunity.

America First is based on rights given by God and guaranteed by the Constitution. Michigan First is about God, Family, and Country, working for a safe and secure future.

Together, We Will Take Back The American Dream!

— Donna Brandenburg

Donna’s Priorities

Free and Fair Elections – Election Integrity

If we don’t have secure elections, we don’t have a country.

Your voice counts and your opinions have to be Unsecured Election and Systems represents the highest level state and national security risk, potentially exploited by domestic and foreign enemies.

Our election system remain unsecured, with many politicians investing more energy in preserving unsecured election systems, which they use to profit from, than they do in securing elections and preserving your rights and security.

There are more anomalies to the 2020 election than any election in the history of the United States. The blatant examples of disregard of policies put in place to run a free, fair and honest election HAVE to be addressed.

The overwhelming evidence of interference and fraud could be considered an attack on both our state and our country as a whole. It is a disregard of your voice and your rights, which those in government have sworn an oath to protect.

Questions that need to be answered – Evidence of failures
1. Chain of Custody Breaches
2. Poll Challenger Interference
3. Rescanning Batches of Ballots
4. Over 100 Sworn Affidavits from credentialed poll challengers
5. Ballots cast by deceased voters – voters registered after death
6. Persons who voted by absentee ballots allowed to cast votes again in person
7. Ineligible ballots counted multiple times, in many cases
8. Dates on absentee ballots changed
9. Statistical abnormalities – 6 swing states pausing the count – (Michigan being one)
10. 78% of mail-in ballots proven fraudulent – Jovan Pulitzer
11. Those running the audits – were also those running the elections. So they would be guilty if fraud was
12. Calibration issues While we need to address the problem with past election integrity, we will also need a comprehensive
overhaul and oversight of our election process to insure Free and Fair Elections in the future.
• Full Forensic Audits – 2020 election and all future elections
• Voter Authentication
• Cleaning up the voter rolls
• Creating a new solution going forward which protects against error and fraud
• Elimination of Dominion voting machines due to their failure to perform
• Separation of entities between voting machines and the entities certifying the election

Constitution and Repairing the Structure of Government

Over the decades, there has been an erosion in States Right’s. It is imperative that we return to a limited government, which is decentralizes and supports State’s Rights.

The structure of government has been seriously damaged by over regulation, government over reach, and a lack of accountability for the actions of our public officials.

• Teaching of Founding Documents – and Factual Applied History
• Including a Civic Requirements in the process of Elections and Governance
• Term Limits
• Limited Legislature
• Decentralized Government
• State’s Rights
• Protection of State Border
• Elected Official’s who leave office may not engage in Lobbying activities for a minimum of 2 years

Government Accountability

I support the destruction of the 2 tier system and would require our elected officials to be subject to the same policies and laws as the people they took an oath to protect.

With the threat of banks having to report private information of $600 or more plus, account balances, we are seeing the destruction of privacy. If they vote this in it is going to raise the cost of living and doing business, hurting ever single person in a profound way. It will also have profound negative impact on the already struggling economy.

• We will be impaneling an Industrial and Organizational oversight committee to create quantitative standards for Political Performance
• All Elected Officials will subject to a job performance review, which includes and isn’t limited to Upholding their oath. Thereby, holding politicians accountable to their constituents, and having corrective measures in place, with corresponding consequences.
• I will introduce legislation that all legislation or policy passed will have a clause for elected officials which will hold them to the same or more stringent standard than what they are proposing for the people of Michigan. If they vote in a requirement for $600 transactions and account disclosure, then they should be held to a double standard, personally and professionally, requiring a more complete personal audit of their finances.

Sanctuary State for the First Amendment – Freedom of Speech

First Amendment
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

At no time is it appropriate for our government to suspend the Constitution.
We need to make sure that big corporations aren’t creating an environment where differing opinions are not being heard. Large Corporations have created a stranglehold on communications, a barrier to entry of new companies, and an
uncontrolled ability to control and craft the narrative. Differing opinions are being silenced, thereby violating Constitutional rights, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech.

• For the Large Platforms/Oligopolies, Distinctions need to be made between Common Carrier (like
the Postal Service or Telephone system) and Publishers who are allowed to exert editorial control
over content with resulting responsibility for legal compliance. This would affect a decentralization of communications, increase competition, and increase new business/innovation
in the communication industry.
• Decentralization policies need to be crafted to stimulate competition, ease of entry into the communication market, which supports a Free Press and Citizen Journalists.

Sanctuary State for the Second Amendment – The Right to Defend

Second Amendment
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

Michigan needs to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary State to protect our freedoms from a tyrannical government. All governments who have disarmed their population fall into censorship and the destruction of the rights of the people. People are left without defense. An unarmed populace is a subdued populace.

You have the right to defend yourself from anyone who intends to do you harm.
• Offer Tax Credits for firearm training
• Offer Tax Credits for the purchase of firearms
• Offer Tax Credits for the purchase of ammunition

States Rights – Decentralization – Protecting Our Border
Michigan – A Center for Education Excellence

Our Education system is broken. Just like all our government structures that have become centralized, power and choice have been taken away from families. The hands and creative innovation of wonderful teachers who want to TEACH has been eroded.

Instead of teaching problem solving, math, science,
business, art, history, trade skills and critical thinking – they are forced to teach Critical Race Theory.

Children have been turned into a dollar amount. The education system has turned into a teach to test rather than teach for mastery, which translates to more state and federal money for the school system, while the most vulnerable children are being passed over and left behind.

I, Donna Brandenburg, will uphold parents’ rights to supersede the State in the education, guidance, direction, the raising of their children, and that children are not property of the State.

Further, I will propose several forms of education reforms which will benefit students, teachers, and families. I will support School of Choice, vouchers, and Education Savings Plans.
Further, I propose that we treat students as individuals with individual talents and gifts given by God, and
give equal focus on developing opportunities for students’ entry into skilled trades.
I, Donna Brandenburg, will propose a plan to fund education in skilled trades and trade schools,
apprenticeships, and mentoring programs as part of a plan to create jobs.

Michigan as a Protector and Defender of the Sanctity of Life
Michigan as a Center of Hope for our Elder Population and Their Families
Michigan a Center for Healthcare Excellence & a Sanctuary Free from Medical Tyranny

Michigan has the potential to be the leader in health care excellence — what was lacking was actual leadership and a full assessment of the problem. The disturbing trend soon emerged after a short time, which seemed to reveal a secondary, self serving problem.

I, Donna Brandenburg am committed to operate in the best interest of the people of Michigan and will refer to the Constitution as the supreme law of the land to keep your individual rights intact.

• Constitutional position against any and all mandates – federal or state
• Health Care apart from Government Mandates
• Businesses shouldn’t be required to be unpaid enforcement for government policies
• People should never have to die apart from their loved ones – as part of a government mandate
• No 2 tier system, Politicians are subject for the rules they pass for the people they represent
• No disparity or favor for economic gain for big corporations as a policy of economic terrorism

I’m going on a rant here…
Michigan has recently experienced a lack of leadership during a crisis under the present administration, and a war on Constitutional Rights, as well as, common sense.

The way Covid and lockdowns were handled, showed a complete disregard for recommendations from professionals and a lack of addressing the broader picture.

We saw proof that there is a 2 tier system where politicians don’t have to follow the same rules, suicide rates which went up, people dying alone, and Covid patients were moved into nursing
homes – against the recommendations of health care professionals.

Healthcare professionals, teachers, and first responders were in many cases abandoned and ignored. There is good reason why people are questioning everything, including the motives of our politicians.

There has been an absence of consistent and unbiased information, and further questions remain. The way the lock downs were done was a clear example of economic and social ignorance. The advantage was given to large corporations, while Michigan small business and labor force was decimated, along with the education of children.

It was an example of humanitarian ignorance, where there wasn’t enough help for the psychological well being our our neighbors, losing loved ones and in many instances, loosing

No individual or entity has the right to determine the value of a human being. No individual or entity has the right to determine who is essential, productive, important, and who is not. No individual or entity has the right to determine who works, who can feed their family, whether they can receive healthcare, or who goes without.

There were other options and alternatives, which were employed in other countries, entirely wiping out Covid (region in India declared Covid free from alternative therapies) and none of those options were considered.

Michigan’s Infrastructure and Roads – “We’re gonna fix the damn roads.”…for real

Roads have become a politicized hot button… promises made promises NOT kept. The unnecessary
regulation and red tape of capital improvement projects has stalled out any forward movement and is tied
to irresponsible fiscal policies. Unending permits and review need to be streamlined for better use of tax
payer dollars.
I, Donna Brandenburg, will propose to put the money collected for roads and into a separate Road fund to
be used solely to fund roads and road construction. I will also have a review of the road plan to determine
if the best interests of the state as a whole are being served.
This will stop the pilfering of our tax money by non-tax generating non-contributors, and special interest.
Road improvement will increase public safety and reduce damage to vehicles.

Building Real Economic Prosperity for a Strong Future
Protecting Michigan’s Vast Natural Resources for Tourism, Sportsmen and All to Enjoy
Legislative – Bill Reform

The amount of Bills introduced in Michigan every year is astounding.

It is reported that there over 2000 bills introduced at in the State of Michigan at the state level in 2020, and so far over 1700 as of October 2021.

There is no way that they receive a thorough review to see if they are legal or even allowable under the Constitution.
• Impanel a Constitutional Oversight Committee – with Measurable Standards to review all bills –
determining if they are allowable under the Constitution
• All Legislation required to go through a budget review by the Michigan SBO
• All bills are to be read aloud on the floor of the Legislature before they can pass
• No one may vote unless they have they have been in attendance for the reading of the bill
• All bills must be posted for 72 hours prior to hitting the Legislative floor to give an option for
citizen review.