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June 1, 2022Donna Brandenburg files in the Supreme Court
Here are the filing documents:

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Hello, I’m Donna Brandenburg…

General Michael Flynn
I have known Donna and her family for 15 great years.  I believe Donna will make our State a better and safer home for our families and our kids.  Donna is a strong leader!  She wants to GIVE MICHIGAN BACK TO THE PEOPLE.  Donna is one of the kindest and caring people I know.  - Tim Stimers
I've known Donna for years! I've seen her personal interactions among friends, family, associates and employees. She is patient to listen, study carefully and work through the details of every issue. She's intensely loyal to truth and to her word. With both logic and compassion, she comes up with the right solutions!  - Beverly Gibson
Donna is an Amazing Christian Women, She's very reliable and Trustworthy. She's a wonderful Mother, wife,business owner, Friend and compassionate soul for all living beings. Donna is extremely focused and concerned on real issues we have here at home aswell as nationwide, such as the border, voter security, inflation and much more. - Becky Mcknight
I'm so thankful for your strong faith and moral principles! Praying the Lord continues to lead and guide you! We need someone like you to help fix this broken state, but also grow the small businesses back again! - Earlina Velting, Alto, MI
I endorse Donna Brandenburg as our next Governor in Michigan. I have seen firsthand how Donna runs a business successfully and treats her employees. I have found Donna's research impeccable, and I am confident that she will run the state of Michigan in the same manner. - Les Berkempas, Byron Center, MI
If I could endorse a candidate to lead Michigan's economy, clean up a fouled education system, stand up to a big government takeover, provide agricultural stability, install social well-being and display God-fearing faith, then that candidate would be Donna Brandenburg. - TJ Smith, Dorr, MI
I believe Donna Brandenburg would be an excellent Governor for Michigan. She has a clear understanding of what is going on in Michigan as well as our country. - Ryan Pfahler, Zeeland, MI
Donna has my full support for Governor. I have faith in her because she is loyal and trustworthy she stands for truth and does not back down and follows through on everything she begins. - Nancy VanRee, Grandville, MI
General Michael Flynn
Tim Stimers
Beverly Gibson
Becky Mcknight
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My Mission

We have been given a great blessing to live in the greatest country in the world — The United States of America.

Michigan, with all its natural beauty, natural resources, and generous hospitable people is a land of strength, prosperity, and opportunity.

America First is based on rights given by God and guaranteed by the Constitution. Michigan First is about God, Family, and Country, working for a safe and secure future.

Together, We Will Take Back The American Dream!

My Story

Donna Brandenburg was born and raised, and educated in Michigan. Donna and her husband Joe have 6 kids.

Donna has spent decades dedicated to building companies, creating thousands of jobs and rescuing animals. She is a non-stop researcher and seeker of truth.

As a constitutional conservative, a CEO, an entrepreneur and the owner of multiple businesses—in a variety of industries including; energy, rail, real estate, social work, technology, farming, and agricultural drainage systems, she has a broad base of knowledge both economically as well as practical real-life common-sense experience.

She also owns Buckeye Trenchers, and was involved in working on the border wall under President Trump.

Donna has also invested decades rescuing horses and other animals who needed help. While she was rescuing her beloved animals, she was building companies where she has employed thousands of workers at good wages.

Donna is a graduate of Western Michigan University where she studied business, marketing and finance, and then went back to study computer programming, industrial robotics and engineering. Donna knows Michigan, and is running to serve you as the next Governor.

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