The State House and Senate

Michigan will cut its state budget under a Donna Brandenburg
administration. In one of the first acts as Governor, Donna will
cut the in-session time for the House and Senate from full-time to
Michigan is one of the few states in the nation which have a full-
time State Legislature. Most states have their legislature meet
once a year for a month to conduct state business. This will
significantly reduce Michigan’s payroll when the State
Representatives and Senators are cut back to a 30-day legislative
session annually.
If the need arises, the Governor can call an emergency session at
her discretion.

Education for All

Donna Brandenburg believes that education is the principal key to
any economic growth. Donna believes that the urban school
systems should have the same educational opportunities as the
suburban school systems have. Advanced math and science
courses should be taught at all of Michigan’s schools, not just the
wealthier districts.
Donna also believes in school choice. If parents feel their local
school is not performing for their child, they should have the right
to change schools.
Under a Donna Brandenburg administration, Critical Race Theory
will not be taught in Michigan’s school systems. Actual history will
be taught, not rewrite history.

Roads and Infrastructure

Many politicians over the years have used Michigan’s roadways as
nothing more than a talking point. After their elected, of course,
we now know, they do nothing to improve our crumbling highway
As Governor, Donna Brandenburg will take Michigans gasoline
taxes out of the general revenue fund and put them in a separate
account to use them for what they were initially supposed to be
for, that being “repair infrastructure and roadways.”
Under the Donna Brandenburg administration, roads will be
rebuilt and repaired in Michigan. Along with the highways, Donna
will immediately begin upgrading Michigan’s electrical grid,
Internet, and water purification issues as well.

Gun Rights and the Second Amendment

Donna Brandenburg believes that the Second Amendment is
untouchable and should remain as such in Michigan. Donna
pledges to never sign any legislation as Governor that would
infringe on our sacred right to own firearms.

Economic Growth and Job Creation

Having over 40-years of business success, Donna Brandenburg
knows how to create both business and job growth. She will bring
this knowledge to Lansing. With her unbridled passion for
Michigan and her citizens, she will begin bringing high-quality
good jobs back to create a thriving economy for all of Michigan to
Two of the largest job killers in Michigan have been exorbitant
taxes and burdensome regulations on both small and big

As Michigan’s next Governor, Donna pledges to impanel a
committee to immediately begin reviewing needless regulations
that can be stricken to stimulate job growth.