Michigan Gov. Whitmer’s handling of Benton Harbor lead pipe crisis slammed in new ad

Republicans aren’t only ones fed up with Whitmer’s response to water crisis

FIRST ON FOX: Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s sluggish response to the growing lead-in-water crisis in Benton Harbor has made her the target of a new ad by the Republican Governors Association (RGA).

The RGA is releasing the new ad, which was first obtained by Fox News, in a five-figure campaign hitting the governor over the Benton Harbor crisis that has seen the Great Lake State town lose access to water.

Titled “Gretchen Whitmer knew about the water crisis in Michigan and she did nothing,” the ad features news clips of the leaded water problem, with one clip pointing out that the state government first detected the lead “three years” ago in 2018.

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Donna’s Response

Here we go with projection, telling us what we think. This is what an abuser does, projecting and gas lighting to manipulate cognitive thought. First of all, we are not a racist nation other than that we have been told we are. My family is a mixed racial family, and we don’t care, nor do we see the difference in people. Once upon a time, before Marxist idiots decided to tell us how to think in their quest to destroy this nation, we said the Pledge of Allegiance…”one nation under God.” Maybe if we put God back into schools and said the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning we would remember that we are one nation…one people made out of many. CRT is the most racist agenda ever created by Marxists.