Michigan adds 7,505 cases, 118 deaths from COVID-19 over two days

Michigan added 7,505 cases and 118 deaths from COVID-19 on Friday, including totals from Thursday.

The latest figures from the state Department of Health and Human Services push the overall totals to 1,104,634 confirmed cases and21,862 deaths since the virus was first detected in the state in March 2020.

The state averaged 3,752 cases per day over the two days. Of the latest deaths reported, 69 were identified during a vital records review, state health officials noted.

Michigan’s COVID-19 infection numbers have been trending upward for more than 13 weeks amid concerns over the highly contagious delta variant.

The state last week added 26,105 cases and 250 deaths. That’s up from the week prior when Michigan logged 24,791 additional cases and 237 deaths from the virus. In mid-September, the state added 18,313 cases and 159 deaths from the virus in a week.

Michigan added 7,108 cases and 135 deaths from COVID-19 on Wednesday, including totals from Tuesday. The weekly record of 50,892 cases was set Nov. 15-21. The second-highest weekly total was 47,316 Nov. 22-28.

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The tragedy of human lives continues to mount as a result of Whitmer’s failure, as evidenced by her inability to handle a crisis.

Why is it that we aren’t looking at other solutions? Areas in India have a zero COVID infection rate. Why aren’t we exploring the alternative solutions out there, in light of what is the fact that what is being done here in Michigan isn’t working.

The COVID crisis has turned into a staffing crisis in the hospitals, where so many have quit due to the mandatory mRNA rules for employment. It’s going to be a sad day when our health care system is so decimated by failed policies, that we can’t get service when we need it. St Mary’s in Grand Rapids closed down their emergency room at a point this week.

When we have actual beds available, but “at capacity” is an under staffing problem and lack of supplies available, we have a big problem. The government using business and corporations as their enforcement arm has to end. Force mandates are decimating our workforce, and are destroying our ability to provide even the basic services for human needs.

— Donna Brandenburg