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Hello, friend. Welcome to my prayer for this day. Let’s pray to the Good Lord together.
– Donna Brandenburg

In all our days Father God, we are amazed at your blessings and favor which you have poured upon US, your people who are called by your name.

You have given US a great blessing, each other. You have given US this great land, the land of opportunity and the ability to serve you and each other.

Thank you for giving us the United States of America, it is a great blessing.  We know that there are many people who are hurting. We all have been lied to, deceived, forgotten, abandoned and feel hopeless and alone. Everything that we hold dear has been ripped out of our hearts and seemingly destroyed before our eyes. BUT NO MORE.

The Lion of Judah we ask that you rise as our Father, mighty warrior, our protector, calling all people to you to unite and take back what has been stolen. We ask that you build an army of mighty prayer Warriors who will unite in the Name of Jesus, to do your will.  We ask that you guide us to find those who are lost, sad, alone, to let them know that they are loved and valuable above measure.

You are our light and our salvation! You are our stronghold, we will walk together and not be afraid. By your grace we will stand against every power of darkness…and refuse to submit to any evil plan to destroy this nation.

We love you and will protect and defend all you have given us, by your power and your strength.
In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.