TJ Smith from Dorr, Michigan endorses Donna Brandenburg for Governor

If I could endorse a candidate to lead Michigan’s economy, clean up a fouled education system, stand up to a big government takeover, provide agricultural stability, instill social well-being and display God-fearing faith, then that candidate would be Donna Brandenburg.

Her character traits like, being a fierce competitor for righteousness, off the chart intelligence with a heaping supply of common sense, putting family first, health care system that is true care of the patient not pockets, and lending a helping hand to those on the brink, are traits that are just the tip of her mountain.

A self made business owner, mother of three plus an adopted daughter with special needs, a wife and her staunch Christian faith makes her strong and keeps her from backing down from the opposition. Talk about an “Energizer Bunny,” Donna is endless in drive, energy and passion which makes multi-tasking in major arenas her way of life.

Donna has extensive experience finding the truth, her weapon of choice is research, when exposing The ugliness of human greed, she fiercely pursued to expose child trafficking and supply chains which are the criminal children’s welfare organizations.  Finding a leader who matches all your hopes for now and later will end when you look at Donna Brandenburg for your next Governor.

-TJ Smith
Dorr, Michigan