Michigan’s Whitmer faces accusations of ‘illegal’ campaign contributions

Whitmer may have to return donations if an official recall bid is not introduced before next year

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has amassed nearly $4 million in excess campaign contributions for her 2022 reelection bid, reports showed late Monday.

Normal state contribution limits permit individuals and political action committees (PACs) to donate up to $7,150 per candidate during an election cycle.

But Whitmer has accepted donations from at least 40 individuals who gave more than the traditionally permitted amount – including Timothy Light of Kalamazoo and William Parfet of Hickory Corners, who each contributed more than $50,000 over the last three months, first reported The Detroit News.

Since July, the governor has reportedly received $550,000 in over-the-limit donations from top contributors like her father, Richard Whitmer, George Soros, and vice chairman of the Detroit Pistons, Arn Tellem.

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Donna’s Response

Whitmer received over $550,000 in over-the-limit donations from contributors like her daddy, Richard Whitmer, George Soros, and Pistons vice-chairman Arn Tellem. The whole system is corrupt. Saying that the rules don’t matter, while under the process of a recall, just proves that there probably is merit to the recall. Shouldn’t an elected official be more concerned with upholding the law than trying to find loopholes around them for themselves?