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Redistricting panel advances 9 Michigan maps for final public comment

Nine maps that could play a starring role in Michigan’s elections for the next decade will advance to 45 days of public comment later this month.

After weeks of marathon meetings, hundreds of public comments and sometimes heated debate, Michigan’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission advanced on Thursday the last of its maps for consideration. The final products include three U.S. House, three state House and three state Senate maps that set the district lines for 13 congressional races, 110 House seats and 38 Senate seats.

The maps from the 2018 voter-approved 13-member commission — which includes four Republicans, four Democrats and four non-affiliated members — mark the first time Michigan’s voting maps were redrawn by an independent body. In past redistricting cycles, the maps were drawn by the party in power every 10 years, resulting in maps that were drawn to favor one party over another.

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How redistricting could impact West Michigan

After seven weeks of mapping, Michigan’s new redistricting commission is starting to vote on much-anticipated draft congressional and legislative plans.

LANSING, Mich. — The next decade could look very different in West Michigan. The state redistricting committee met on Monday to address the 10 draft maps they’ve created so far.

West Michigan could be facing major changes, especially for the Republican party. The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, a group of 13 Michiganders, submitted 10 draft maps for Michigan district lines.

The proposals were collaboratively drawn by the commission of four Democrats, four Republicans and five members who affiliate with neither major party. Four congressional, three for the senate and three for the house.

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