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Hello, friend. Welcome to my prayer for this day. Let’s pray together.
– Donna Brandenburg

Heavenly Father, our Friend, as we go through this day we thank you for being with US. Thanksgiving Day is a time to celebrate all the wonderful things you have provided us. Thank you for food and friends!!! Thank you for giving us time to get together and share what we have.

We can step out of the troubles of this world anytime we choose and seek shelter in you. Your love and protection are enough to carry us in joy and peace. May the beauty of your love overwhelm us with the knowledge that YOU LOVE US!

Thank you for our families and we ask blessings and protection for everyone whom we love. You have built in such wonderful gifts and unique personalities into each one. We celebrate that uniqueness created by you for your glory. Thank you for salvation in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for the religious freedoms we enjoy here. Thank you for those brave souls who have gone on before us. We lift up our hearts and our songs of praise for all the good things you have done!!

Please continue to bless America with a renewed sense of commitment to unity as “one nation under God.” Help our hearts and minds to always be in your peace.

We love you

In Jesus Name

Happy Thanksgiving – may you and your loved ones experience a blessed day with the peace of Christ in your homes and hearts, filled with love