Michigan Gov. Whitmer’s handling of Benton Harbor lead pipe crisis slammed in new ad

Republicans aren’t only ones fed up with Whitmer’s response to water crisis

FIRST ON FOX: Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s sluggish response to the growing lead-in-water crisis in Benton Harbor has made her the target of a new ad by the Republican Governors Association (RGA).

The RGA is releasing the new ad, which was first obtained by Fox News, in a five-figure campaign hitting the governor over the Benton Harbor crisis that has seen the Great Lake State town lose access to water.

Titled “Gretchen Whitmer knew about the water crisis in Michigan and she did nothing,” the ad features news clips of the leaded water problem, with one clip pointing out that the state government first detected the lead “three years” ago in 2018.

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Donna’s Response

Here we go with projection, telling us what we think. This is what an abuser does, projecting and gas lighting to manipulate cognitive thought. First of all, we are not a racist nation other than that we have been told we are. My family is a mixed racial family, and we don’t care, nor do we see the difference in people. Once upon a time, before Marxist idiots decided to tell us how to think in their quest to destroy this nation, we said the Pledge of Allegiance…”one nation under God.” Maybe if we put God back into schools and said the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning we would remember that we are one nation…one people made out of many. CRT is the most racist agenda ever created by Marxists.

Critical race theory heating up in Michigan

LANSING, Mich, (WLNS) — The Senate Committee on Education and Career Readiness voted to pass legislation that would restrict the way racism is taught in schools 4 to 1.

4 Republicans and 1 Democrat. The bill in question will now move to the legislature. Senate Bill 460 is sponsored by Republican Senator Lana Theis from Brighton.

Under Theis’ legislation, school districts in Michigan would be banned from teaching critical race theory, material from the 1619 project or quote “Anti-American and racist theories.”

That includes teaching that the United States is a fundamentally racist country, or that the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution are fundamentally racist documents.

“Children learning to treat each other with dignity and respect regardless of race, color, or religion is where we should be going but CRT is training the next generation to divide people into categories and use oppression matrices instead and that should never happen in Michigan,” said Theis.

One senator on the committee who opposed the bill was Democrat Erika Geiss from Taylor.

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Donna’s Response

Here we go with projection, telling us what we think. This is what an abuser does, projecting and gas lighting to manipulate cognitive thought. First of all, we are not a racist nation other than that we have been told we are. My family is a mixed racial family, and we don’t care, nor do we see the difference in people. Once upon a time, before Marxist idiots decided to tell us how to think in their quest to destroy this nation, we said the Pledge of Allegiance…”one nation under God.” Maybe if we put God back into schools and said the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning we would remember that we are one nation…one people made out of many. CRT is the most racist agenda ever created by Marxists.

Michigan’s Whitmer faces accusations of ‘illegal’ campaign contributions

Whitmer may have to return donations if an official recall bid is not introduced before next year

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has amassed nearly $4 million in excess campaign contributions for her 2022 reelection bid, reports showed late Monday.

Normal state contribution limits permit individuals and political action committees (PACs) to donate up to $7,150 per candidate during an election cycle.

But Whitmer has accepted donations from at least 40 individuals who gave more than the traditionally permitted amount – including Timothy Light of Kalamazoo and William Parfet of Hickory Corners, who each contributed more than $50,000 over the last three months, first reported The Detroit News.

Since July, the governor has reportedly received $550,000 in over-the-limit donations from top contributors like her father, Richard Whitmer, George Soros, and vice chairman of the Detroit Pistons, Arn Tellem.

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Donna’s Response

Whitmer received over $550,000 in over-the-limit donations from contributors like her daddy, Richard Whitmer, George Soros, and Pistons vice-chairman Arn Tellem. The whole system is corrupt. Saying that the rules don’t matter, while under the process of a recall, just proves that there probably is merit to the recall. Shouldn’t an elected official be more concerned with upholding the law than trying to find loopholes around them for themselves?

Vigil held for West Michigan missionaries kidnapped and held hostage in Haiti

An adult and four children from Hart were on a mission trip in Haiti when they and 12 others were kidnapped. They are now being held for ransom.

HART, Mich. — Hart’s streets are typically slow in the evenings, but Sunday night was different. Community members from all over the state gathered at the Hart Commons to pray for the 17 kidnapped missionaries in Port-a-Prince, Haiti. The small town of about 2,000 has been rocked by the kidnapping because five of the hostages call Oceana County home.

The nation has its eyes on a small West Michigan town, which is hopeful its pleas can change the hearts of those nearly 2,000 miles away. “It is very jaw-dropping,” community member Sean Southwell told 13 ON YOUR SIDE’s Morgan Trau. “It does hit close to home.” Southwell and his wife, Wendy, as well as the other community members in attendance, bowed their heads in prayer.

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Michigan adds 7,505 cases, 118 deaths from COVID-19 over two days

Michigan added 7,505 cases and 118 deaths from COVID-19 on Friday, including totals from Thursday.

The latest figures from the state Department of Health and Human Services push the overall totals to 1,104,634 confirmed cases and21,862 deaths since the virus was first detected in the state in March 2020.

The state averaged 3,752 cases per day over the two days. Of the latest deaths reported, 69 were identified during a vital records review, state health officials noted.

Michigan’s COVID-19 infection numbers have been trending upward for more than 13 weeks amid concerns over the highly contagious delta variant.

The state last week added 26,105 cases and 250 deaths. That’s up from the week prior when Michigan logged 24,791 additional cases and 237 deaths from the virus. In mid-September, the state added 18,313 cases and 159 deaths from the virus in a week.

Michigan added 7,108 cases and 135 deaths from COVID-19 on Wednesday, including totals from Tuesday. The weekly record of 50,892 cases was set Nov. 15-21. The second-highest weekly total was 47,316 Nov. 22-28.

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The tragedy of human lives continues to mount as a result of Whitmer’s failure, as evidenced by her inability to handle a crisis.

Why is it that we aren’t looking at other solutions? Areas in India have a zero COVID infection rate. Why aren’t we exploring the alternative solutions out there, in light of what is the fact that what is being done here in Michigan isn’t working.

The COVID crisis has turned into a staffing crisis in the hospitals, where so many have quit due to the mandatory mRNA rules for employment. It’s going to be a sad day when our health care system is so decimated by failed policies, that we can’t get service when we need it. St Mary’s in Grand Rapids closed down their emergency room at a point this week.

When we have actual beds available, but “at capacity” is an under staffing problem and lack of supplies available, we have a big problem. The government using business and corporations as their enforcement arm has to end. Force mandates are decimating our workforce, and are destroying our ability to provide even the basic services for human needs.

— Donna Brandenburg

Michigan’s Whitmer under fire for sluggish response to Benton Harbor lead water crisis

The Michigan Senate is seeking a long list of documents related to the Whitmer administration’s handling of the Benton Harbor crisis

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has come under fire for her sluggish response to the water crisis in the city of Benton Harbor.

The community of Benton Harbor, Michigan, is currently without safe water due to decades-old lead pipes poisoning the water supply and the state and local governments’ slow-moving responses to the crisis, advocates say.

City commissioners on Tuesday unanimously declared a state of emergency and empowered Mayor Marcus Muhammad to lead Benton Harbor’s response. Whitmer visited the city the same day.

Rev. Edward Pinkney, who leads the Benton Harbor Community Water Council, told Fox News in a phone interview that Whitmer and Muhammad should have responded to the crisis “three years ago.”

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Where is Whitmer? Are you kidding me? This crisis has been going on for years, without anyone stepping up to solve the problem.

How many lives have have been needlessly lost, or people hurt from being poisoned. If we focused on taking care of our own families and communities, rather than dumping money into bring in more people who need help, we could solve this problem fast.

Non-profits who are resettling refugees for their own financial gain are getting money from the federal government and increasing the burden of helping with their long term welfare on the state of Michigan. Proper management would have had a step by step plan to solve the immediate water distribution need, and a mid-range plan to replace the lines.

Why hasn’t there been a crisis health care plan put in place to offer options, perhaps chelation, to people who were the victim of government fraud and inaction?

— Donna Brandenburg

Whitmer fallout: Audit finds 800 unreported COVID-19 deaths in Michigan nursing homes

Preliminary results from Auditor Doug Ringler first step in longer analysis.

Preliminary results from Auditor Doug Ringler’s analysis of Michigan’s long-term care facility COVID-19 death data found about 800 additional confirmed and probable COVID-19 deaths than the state initially counted overall statewide between Jan. 1, 2020, and July 3, 2021.

Ringler responded to a request from the Oversight Committee to investigate the accuracy of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ (MDHHS) COVID-19 death data in long-term care facilities. The request followed questions about the accuracy of MDHHS COVID-19 death data.

Ringler told Johnson he used death certificate information from the Electronic Death Record System and COVID-19 case and death data from the Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS). The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services counts total COVID-19 deaths on their pandemic website using data from MDSS.

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How can we trust any information coming out of our government?

After the damage has been done we find out later the numbers were way higher than originally reported, with no accountability for their abysmally poor decisions. Then they ask us to just be ok with their incompetence, or blatant biased disregard for actual recommendations from, in this case recommendations coming out against it from health care professionals.

The whole situation of putting COVID patients in with our most vulnerable, is inexcusable. There needs to be severe punishment for the damage, death and destruction that has been done to this state. I would love to see a true investigation initiated, not under the current AG, to determine if there is a criminal case.

— Donna Brandenburg

Michigan reports 101 new school-related COVID-19 outbreaks

The State of Michigan reported 101 new COVID-19 outbreaks at schools Monday.

The new outbreaks come at a time when Michigan is seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases due to the delta variant. On Monday, Michigan reported 8,496 confirmed COVID-19 cases over a 3-day period. The overall number of Michigan cases has reached 1,090,021 and the number of deaths total 21,609.

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Whitmer vetoes election bills Michigan GOP says will restore faith in elections

Whitmer had vowed earlier this year to veto Republican-backed election bills

Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed two Republican-backed election bills, arguing they “fail to advance” secure elections.

“How do we provide safe and secure elections in our state if the governor can’t even agree that we should be ensuring dead people aren’t on our voting rolls?” a sponsor of one the bills, Republican state Sen. Michael MacDonald, said in a statement following Whitmer’s vetoes on Friday.

One of the vetoed bills would have revised the administrative process for removing dead people from voter lists and required more frequent checks during the 45-day period before an election.

The bill passed through the state Senate and House with bipartisan support, and some clerks said the change would be welcomed.

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How redistricting could impact West Michigan

After seven weeks of mapping, Michigan’s new redistricting commission is starting to vote on much-anticipated draft congressional and legislative plans.

LANSING, Mich. — The next decade could look very different in West Michigan. The state redistricting committee met on Monday to address the 10 draft maps they’ve created so far.

West Michigan could be facing major changes, especially for the Republican party. The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, a group of 13 Michiganders, submitted 10 draft maps for Michigan district lines.

The proposals were collaboratively drawn by the commission of four Democrats, four Republicans and five members who affiliate with neither major party. Four congressional, three for the senate and three for the house.

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